What or Who is your Travelling Companion?

An Online exhibition

Alongside the Travelling Companions exhibition by Fay Ballard and Judy Goldhill, curated by Ro Spankie, fellow travellers have been invited to describe their travelling companions in image and text. Released in digital format these range from representations of self, of home, of someone loved, to more practical things that the individual can’t travel without, these objects both expand on ideas in the exhibition and form a reminder that none of us travels empty-handed.

Ehsan Amertansi, Ana Aruajo, Fay Ballard, Helen David, Mark Gerald, Judy Goldhill, Robert Hewison, Nurri Kim, Fedja Klikovac, Roger Kneebone, Ofer Lahav, Annie Lennox, Ayla Lepine, David Mellor, Charlotte Mendelson, Tancred Newbury, Rabbi the Baroness Julia Neuberger, Virginia Nicholson, William Nicholson, Hiranya Peiris, Sarah Pickman, Stephen M Pompea, Naresh Ramchandani, Paul Rennie, Jancis Robinson, Hofesh Shechter, Iain Sinclair, Alice Strickland, Ro Spankie, Sherry Turkle, Judith Weik, Benjamin Weil, Sara Wheeler, Solmaz Zeidi

Image © Ehsan Amertousi
Image © Ana Aruajo
Image © Fay Ballard
Image © Helen David
Image © Mark Gerald
Image © Judy Goldhill
Image Robert Hewison
Image © Nurri Kim
Image © Fedja Klilovac
Image © Roger Kneebone
Image © Annie Lennox
Image Tancred Newbury
Image Rabbi the Baroness Julia Neuberger
Image Virginia Nicholson
Image William Nicholson
Image Hiranya Peiris
Image Sarah Pickman
Image Steven Pompea
Image Naresh Ramchandani
Image Paul Rennie
Image Jancis Robinson
Image Hofesh Shechter
Image Iain Sinclair
Image Alice Strickland
Image Ro Spankie
Image Sherry Turkle
Image Judith Weik
Image Benjamin Weil
Image Sarah Wheeler
Image Solmaz Zeidi

Travelling Companions Exhibition Symposium