Solmaz Zeidi – Doodle

Solmaz Zeidi

My mother is an artist. She moved to Vancouver for couple of years, back in 1997 at the height of her career to support me during my first two years of immigration when I finished high school. Back then her work was being exhibited in Paris, Tehran, and a few other cities I cannot remember. In 1997 the contemporary museum of Kuala Lumpur had just purchased a piece from her for its permanent collection after a collaborative female artist show there right before my mother took a career break and moved to Vancouver. My mom has always worked with female figures in her paintings … These figures are either representative of rural women around Iran from various tribes and small settlements or of women we knew personally around us. This piece is a small doodle by my mother which I have carried with me throughout my life and across continents. It’s a Kurdish mother painted on a piece of cardboard. This sketch reminds me of the strong women I had met while accompanying my mother in her travels to the most remote villages of Iran. It reminds me of home and the simplicity of life at those remote places. It reminds me of my mother.

Born in Tehran Iran, Solmaz Zeidi moved to Vancouver Canada at the age of 16 where she finished her high school and started studying electronic engineering. Growing up in a cultural setting back in Tehran under the influence of her artist mother she later changed subject and moved to Cambridge Ontario to study architecture at the University of Waterloo. She then lived in Rome Italy for a short period in 2008 and moved to London in 2009. Solmaz also holds an MBA from London Business School and Columbia University in New York.