Judy Goldhill – Retina

Image Judy Goldhill

All horizons seem internal to my eye
which senses inside itself a tropical world,
with crackling black lightning
a yellow sun presiding
over the secret flora of my short green lids
from a coral sky.
These roaming globes,
have received the dark light
of chambers of Egyptian tombs,
crumbling rocks in the Ellora caves,
the translucent mauves of Ladakh,
stars in the Negev desert,
suspended Saturn and in the dusty wings of a sparrow
far away galaxies sadness, the flesh,
at the birth of my grandchild,
and fleetingly my father,
dead after just 12 months of my life.
long gone grandparents.
These globes still looking;-  
into my mother’s eyes,
my children’s eyes,
my children’s children’s eyes, too:
all enthralled by the light,
and my lens on the world

Judy Goldhill is a photographer, maker of films and artist’s books and artist in residence at the Physics and Astronomy Department, University College London. Recent exhibitions ‘Breathe’ Freud Museum London 2018, and R’akia screened at the Venice Biennale as part of the Alive in The Universe project, 2019.