Annie Lennox – Various Cables

Without cables like these, I’d never have been able to record music. They look so technical and basic, especially as they are laid out rather redundantly at the edge of the mound, but they all played an essential part in my creative life. I’d like to honour all the technical pieces of equipment. All the plugs, cables, speakers, microphones, power points, and electrical sources that ever gave service to amplifying, recording, and enhancing the music.

Image © Annie Lennox

This contribution refers to her installation “Now I let you go…”  shown at MASS MoCA in America in 2019.

Named as one of the 100 Greatest Singers of All Time by Rolling Stone Magazine, Annie Lennox’s musical career spans over four decades. Her collaboration with partner Dave Stewart formed the Eurythmics.

Lennox has also enjoyed a widely celebrated solo career – selling over 83 million albums worldwide, her songwriting and performances have garnered numerous musical accolades.

Dr Lennox was awarded the Order of the British Empire in 2011 for her work towards the eradication of AIDS and poverty in Africa. She was awarded an honorary doctorate from the Royal Academy of Music in 2017.

A respected social activist and philanthropist, in 2018 she was appointed the first female Chancellor of Glasgow Caledonian University of her native Scotland.