Our current exhibition finishes soon!

STRUCTURE – Visualising the unseen

There is only one week left until our current exhibition ends and it is definitely worth a visit. As a final event, the exhibition is becoming part of this year’s Cambridge Alumni Festival programme, which is running from Friday 26 September to Sunday 28 September 2014.


Upcoming Exhibitions

We have two exciting shows coming up in October, the exhibition openings will be in the ARB on Saturday 4 October from 3-5 pm, all are welcome!

Tim Oelman – 52 Days to Timbuktu

52 Days to Timbuktu is an exhibition inspired by the art of Morocco and West Africa. The title is taken from the painted sign on the wall in Zagora, Southern Morocco indicating the time taken to travel by camel to the Malian city of Timbuktu – a journey which war and insurrection has now made impossible for Westerners. The exhibition is therefore a journey of the artistic imagination, travelling imagistically from the woven art of Morocco to the mud cloth and architecture of Mali (and neighbouring Burkina Faso). The works across all the mediums display a common preoccupation with sign, symbol and pre-classical culture.


Mohammed Djazmi – Social Commentary

Mohammed Djazmi’s work represents the effect of corruption on society. Djazmi’s experiences of monarchy, theocracy and democracy in both Iran and the United Kingdom have played an inspirational role in these creations.While growing up in a socially free Iran in the 1960s and ‘70s, he realized that, while we were free to do what we wanted, we could not say what we thought. In his eyes art is an extremely incisive means of social commentary, and only those who are a part of a particular society can accurately reflect it through art.


Festival of Ideas 2014

Art at the ARB are taking part in the Festival of Ideas, this year with exhibition tours by artists Tim Oelman and Mohammed Djazmi.
Meet in the foyer of the Alison Richard Building on Saturday 25 October at 1.00pm for Tim Oelman’s tour and at 2.30pm for Mohammed Djazmi’s tour. These events are free and everyone is welcome to attend.

Art Language Location

Another festival taking place in Cambridge!

Art Language Location (ALL) is a public art festival taking place from 16 October to 2 November 2014 in locations throughout Cambridge, featuring 50 innovative and experimental contemporary artists from across the UK and beyond who use text in their work.

Each artist must find an appropriate venue for their work: the resulting intervention creates a conversation between artist, artwork and location. This extended exhibition aims to punctuate the city with a series of visually exciting and unexpected encounters in which our everyday interactions with text can be explored and challenged.

Visitors are invited to track down the artworks across Cambridge, and in so doing, discover some fascinating and lesser-known corners of the city. A programme of supporting events and activities will critique, investigate and articulate the work being shown.

To find out more visit the Art Language Location website, like them on facebook, or follow them on Twitter.