Inside Snowden’s Suitcase

A new Sideshow! project at the ARB, located in the foyer until the end of Michaelmas Term

This Portable Snowden Surveillance Archive is a replica of the Snowden Digital Surveillance Archive – created and maintained by Canadian Journalists for Free Expression and researchers at the University of Toronto. The suitcase here is two tools in one: it is an autonomous wi-fi network and web server that enables one to search all of the until-now published Snowden documents; and is a surveillance demonstration tool, replaying the Internet Protocol conversations that occur between the user’s smartphone, tablet, or laptop and the tiny server inside the suitcase.

It is the Creation of Dr. Evan Light, FRQSC postdoctoral Fellow at the Mobile Media Lab, Concordia University, Montreal, where he is a member of the ACT project studying communication tools and ageing.

Accessing the archive:

Connect to the Snowden Archive wi-fi network and browse to and explore.

Exhibited in association with the Ethics of Big Data Research Group at CRASSH and the Snowden Digital Surveillance Archive

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 Inside Snowden's Suitcase