Deanna Tyson Artist Talk for Festival of Ideas

Don’t forget! Artist Deanna Tyson will be giving a talk about her exhibition entitled ”Until lions write their own history …” currently showing at the Alison Richard Building.

The talk takes place on Saturday 26 October from 4-5pm in Seminar Room S1, Alison Richard Building, 7 West Road, Cambridge, and will include a tour around the exhibition.

For the exhibition Deanna Tyson has both selected and created works in response to the study Centres housed within, African, Latin American, South Asian, Politics and Development Studies. Taking the form of kimono, wall hangings, mats, soft sculptures and paintings she tells her political tales and weaves her social comments through stitched and painted textiles.

“Textiles, their application, their colours, their very threads and stitches reveal a great deal about the social history of differing cultures. Exploiting the ubiquitous nature of textiles, I take contemporary political events and portray them through clothing and soft furnishing. I regard my works as three-dimensional political cartoons.”

For a great write-up about the exhibition see this article which featured in the Cambridge University News section:

banners  Viva Cuba Libre (front) (title)  medals (detail)