Reinventing, Rethinking, and Representing Menopause: Beyond the Interdisciplinary Paradigm


29 September 2018
SG1 & SG2, Alison Richard Building, 7 West Road, Cambridge

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'Tomb' by Jane Woollatt
‘Tomb’ by Jane Woollatt

This generation of women is starting to ask questions and talk about what they are experiencing. The predominant and prevailing message they receive is that the menopause is to be feared. A recent survey reveals that many women didn’t realise their symptoms were connected to the menopause resulting in miss diagnosis. Women also report experiencing increased incidence of depression, anxiety and social exclusion.

This conference will draw together scholars with knowledge of menopause with a broad interdisciplinary range.

The aim of the conference is to extend existing understandings of the menopause through the collective convergence of experts from creative and scholarly disciplines. It will provide an opportunity to work collectively and creatively to broaden and deepen the perception of the menopause and to start a process that will dispel ignorance and reduce fear for women in their menopausal years. It will be a place for sharing knowledge, networking and generating critical thought.

Speakers: Mwenza Blell (University of Cambridge) | Laura Smith (Film and television director) | Susanne Schmidt (Freie Universität Berlin, Friedrich Meinecke Institute for History) | Shema Tariq (University College London) | Rebecca Mbewe (Freelance consultant) | Liz Banks (Senior Lecturer in Photography, Film and Moving Image, University of the West of England) | Hilary Baxter (Theatre Director, Croydon Council) | Ingrid Wassenaar (Freelance writer) | Jane Woollatt (Visual Artist) |Beverley Carruthers (Photographer)| Elizabeth Barry (Reader in English, University of Warwick)

Read a Q&A with convenors Beverley Carruthers and Jane Woollatt

Convened by Beverley Carruthers (London College of Communication) & Jane Woollatt (Visual Artist)
Conference organised by CRASSH and Art at the ARB.
For any queries please contact Judith Weik.

Online Exhibition

Rethinking the Menopause – Call for Art

As part of the conference, there will be a curated online exhibition on the theme ‘Rethinking the Menopause’. We invite artists of all disciplines to submit works suitable for an online exhibition. Submission guidelines can be viewed and downloaded below. The exhibition will be shown here:
Selection panel: Beverley Carruthers (London College of Communication), Jane Woollatt (Visual Artist), Judith Weik (Art at the ARB).

The submission deadline is Sunday 2 September 2018.

Exhibition submission guidelines