Mohammed Djazmi

Social Commentary

6 October – 12 December 2014

Mohammed Djazmi’s exhibition is a reaction to the effect corruption has on society. Djazmi’s experiences of monarchy, theocracy and democracy in both Iran and the United Kingdom have played an inspirational role in his creations.

Born in the north-eastern Iranian town of Bojnourd in 1948 into an artistic family, Djazmi learned his craft under the tutelage of his father who was a well-known local painter.

Whilst studying in Tehran, Djazmi began to base his drawings around social and political themes, reflecting the chasm he experienced between his social and academic life due to the social and political atmosphere in Iranian Universities, and the contrasting ‘freedoms’ reflected in the faces and actions of those around him.

Art is an extremely incisive means of social commentary, and only those who are a part of a particular society can accurately reflect it through art

Mohammed Djazmi