Helen Latham

Fulcrum Group
8 February –  1 April 2016, all floors of the ARB
Private View 5 February 2016, 6.00 – 8.00 pm

What interests Helen Latham is the human condition – what does it feels like to be alive today in our complex and often superficial culture,  and how do we relate in a meaningful way to one another? Latham depicts the human figure; the most plain to see, yet complicated source for inspiration, and observes patterns formed by groups, aligning just for a moment in ways that communicate a sense of belonging or alienation. Latham works from photographs and images found on the internet, incorporating modern-day technology into her method. Today – unlike in times such as the Middle Ages, when images were precious – there is an abundance of jpegs and social media snapshots, which get a fleeting glance and are then discarded. Through considered and meditative mark making in paint, Latham adds layers of time, contemplation and introspection to such imagery.

Helen Latham is currently in her final year of the Painting Correspondence Course at the Turps Banana Art School. She recently exhibited in ‘Correspond’ at The Turps Gallery, London and in ‘Escape to Happiness’ at the Daniel Libeskind Space in London. Previous shows also include ‘100% Nude’, Guerilla Galleries, London; Williams Art, Cambridge and the Parallax Art Fair in Chelsea, London.