Diverse pleasures

4 April – 8 Jun 2022

Weekdays from 9:00 – 19:00, closed on weekends and bank holidays (including Jubilee bank holidays).

An exhibition of paintings and ceramics curated by Ben Risk.

Martyn Cross, Adam Hedley, Andi Magenheimer, Karolina Ptaszkowska, Ben Risk, Phil Root, Avis Underwood

Diverse Pleasures brings together a group of artists who currently live and work in the UK. The group have been drawn to each other through years of friendship and discussion, and the work in this exhibition is reflective of their shared interests.

Works in the exhibition were chosen for their individual qualities rather than their usefulness to curatorial thesis, but a notion of genre emerges as central. They play within recognised painting conventions and sub-categories, and ask to what extent all art – even all human activity and experience – is genre-defined and ‘framed’.

The show draws on many subjects and themes related to nature, spirituality, landscape, ancient artefacts, personal narrative, witchcraft and folklore.

Birds wings and human eyes in a tangle.
Angel Baby by Andi Magenheimer